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First Class Cleaning Service is your trusted partner for vacation rental cleaning. Our expertise in this industry ensures that your guests experience the utmost comfort during their stay. With years of experience, we've refined our cleaning system to exceed your home's needs.

We've gone the extra mile by developing user-friendly software, also available as a mobile app, allowing property owners direct access to our scheduling system. Easily schedule cleanings after each guest departure through your own portal. Additionally, property owners can seamlessly add an UNLIMITED number of properties to our system, making it ideal for property managers to efficiently organize and track cleaning requirements.

Our commitment to excellence stems from our extensive experience in the vacation rental industry. We take pride in creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for your guests, showcasing your home and our beautiful valley. Discover our range of tailored vacation rental services below and let us help you make your home and our valley the ultimate destination!

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What our customers and clients say about First Class Cleaning mean the world to us. We always appreciate the compliments, however, the areas where improvement are needed is where we focus! There is always room for improvement and we strive to be the very best for every client!

Gerry P. qoute

Gerry P.

I placed a bid out to several companies listed on Yelp. They responded promptly. They sent out two people to do a post move out if a very dirty unit. These gals performed a miracle, and had all of the products and tools to do so. Very professional, clean and sweet. Very grateful for this service.

Candice K. qoute

Candice K.

They responded within 15 minutes of me calling and leaving a message. They had availability for next day service while others were booked through the holidays. They were very professional. They did detailed and thorough work. Were willing to do any work that needed to be done. Even the windows.

Anita A. qoute

Anita A.

After many many years of searching for the "real" first class cleaning service...this is IT!!! I am so particular and demanding. They smiled and were extremely gracious during the entire house keeping service. I would give 6 stars if I could. My home is now impeccable! They were meticulous and detailed.

Chandler G. qoute

Chandler G.

First Class Cleaning service is great! I am not a local owner, I rent my home on vrbo, AirBnB, etc... They offer this great service of a "pre-arrival clean". They come in before my renters arrive and do a touch up clean: make sure there are no dead bugs (this is the desert), turn on the lights, air, fans, TV (playing smooth jazz), open blinds, etc. This service has been crucial as I live in a country club that just did the resodding of the golf course.